Carmen Boullosa – Texas – Excerpt in Words Without Borders!

In celebration of Words Without Borders‘ 10-Year Anniversary(!), read an excerpt from Carmen Boullosa’s forthcoming novel, Texas: The Great Theft (forthcoming in fall 2014 from Deep Vellum!):

(photo courtesy

(photo courtesy

King had a royal name, though when he’d arrived in Mexico he hadn’t a penny, didn’t own even a snake. But he was a master of chicanery. When some locals lent him low-grade land to use for seven years, it took him only a few months to emerge as the legitimate owner of immense tracts, on which it seemed to rain cattle from the clouds, as if they were a gift from god. But there was nothing remotely miraculous about the way King made his fortune. He was as good a trickster as any magician with a false-bottomed top hat. If King had been Catholic (as he claimed to be in the contract he signed with the Mexicans), the archdiocese would have been able to build a cathedral with the fortune he’d have to have given them as penance for his sins.

In 1848 King wasn’t the only one who went looking for a fortune, convinced that “Americans” had the right to take what belonged to the North Mexicans by whatever means necessary, fair or foul.

(from “Texas: The First Ten Years of Bruneville” by Carmen Boullosa, translated from Spanish by Samantha Schnee)

I’m so excited to publish this book, it is going to be a landmark event for readers in Texas and beyond.

Don’t forget to check out all the links to Boullosa’s interviews and writing I posted before when announcing her signing!

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  1. Julia Rhodes April 11, 2014 at 10:40 am #

    My father, a poet, was friends with Alejandro Aura in San Miguel de Allende and is looking to share some information with Carmen. Any idea how to contact her? Robert Rhodes, my father, lives in Santa Fe NM.

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