John Darnielle Reading 10/5! OffWorld Discussion 7/24!

Deep Vellum & WordSpace are proud to present legendary singer/songwriter JOHN DARNIELLE reading from his debut novel, WOLF IN WHITE VAN, at The Wild Detectives on Sunday, October 5 at 7pm!!!!!

WIWV - John Darnielle
Darnielle’s publisher, FSG, announced today the full tour itinerary for WOLF IN WHITE VAN, and it’s impressive. He’s basically doing a book tour like he would a band tour. Hitting so many cities. I love it. The novel drops September 16. Get it at your local bookstore. Or your online indie outlet of choice (*cough*Powell’s*cough*). Or request your local library to buy a copy.

Darnielle himself posted the tour announcement on The Mountain Goats website, though he does make note he’s leaving the guitar at home on this tour and focusing on the book, the reading, and being his normal literary self (he subscribes to Open Letter! He loves translated literature! He’s my ideal reader!):

Dear anybody whose question “will there be a book tour?” I have seemed to ignore, please know that I was not ignoring you, but that there was a plan to tell people about the tour I’ll be doing for Wolf In White Van. I am constitutionally predisposed to call this plan a dark and evil plan, but honestly I don’t see how going places and reading from my book can really be thought of as dark and evil, though I will do my best.

I’m putting this up here on Mountain Goats Dot Com because it seems probable that a number of people who like our music will also be interested in the book, but for purposes of clarity be advised that I am leaving my guitar at home for this one and will play no songs on this tour, though I can’t promise that Mr. Hodgman and I won’t do an a capella chorus or two of “Sing a Song About Love”, or possibly “We Bite.”

See you out there!

Full reading information is below. Sign up to attend on the Facebook event page, and preorder the book online or, better yet, buy a copy at The Wild Detectives!

10/5 – Dallas, TX
The Wild Detectives
314 W 8th Street
Dallas, TX 75208
Presented by WordSpace and Deep Vellum
7:00 pm

And speaking of Wordspace, don’t forget that I’m hosting a discussion on July 24 at the Wild Detectives on the amazing DEFINITELY MAYBE by Boris & Arkady Strugatsky (recently re-released by Melville House in their amazing Neversink Library) as part of WordSpace’s resurrected OffWorld Reading Series, where they delve into what makes sci-fi so damn interesting. I’ll be discussing Soviet sci-fi in particular. The Wild Detectives have plenty of copies of the book in stock, grab one, read it quick (it’s a slim 140 pages), laugh your ass off (it’s a hilarious book, and weird, but mostly hilarious), and then re-read it and join us on July 24 for a night of book talkin’ & sci-fi slingin’. See you there!

OffWorld Strugatsky 7-24-14

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