Best New Thing in Dallas

We’re the Best New Thing in Town!!

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Check out the new “Best of Dallas” issue of the Dallas Observer, hitting newsstands today, for the full recap & rundown of all the best stuff in the Big D, including us! What an honor!

Last year, our friends at The Wild Detectives won Best New Thing in Town, and man, have they ever changed everything in Dallas ever. Join us to celebratethe two most recent Best New Things in Town as we bring Fiston Mwanza Mujila & Roland Glasser to town to celebrate, read, perform, and be awesome, nextThursday night at 7pm!

New website is so close to launch, y’all! Just tweaks, tweaks, tweaks.

In the meantime, read Jennifer Smart’s beautiful essay, “On Translation in Texas,” Deep Vellum, how translation opens up new worlds of possibilities, and what literature means to the arts in the new issue of Arts + Culture Texas Magazine!

Translation, it seems, diversifies our experience of the world at the same time as it demonstrates our commonalities; its unique ability lies in expanding our concepts of literature by slightly complicating our stories with those of others.

With the launch of Deep Vellum, Evans is giving us, as a reading community, a reason to talk about these things (and more). Now we just have to do it.

We’ve moved into our new office at 3000 Commerce in the heart of Dallas’s beating heart, the historic neighborhood of Deep Ellum, and will soon have more information to share about the bookstore/cafe/event space we’ll be opening up front this fall. In the meantime, look at this beautiful building:

DV Building

You can find us easily, we’re in the building with the Leadbelly historical plaque put up by the Deep Ellum Foundation:DV Leadbelly

And all the old Dallas crew will love this sign for the legendary Club Clearviewthat once lived on Elm Street in the 80s & 90s living in our front room for now:

DV Clearview

And thank you to every single generous donor who opened up their hearts and wallets on North Texas Giving Day, every single cent you donated goes towards making amazing literature happen, building bridges between cultures thanks to the power of the written word! You are amazing, and you make it all possible.

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