North Texas Giving Day 2020

It’s that time of year again: it’s North Texas Giving Day 2020! Back in May, we asked for your support to help us survive the economic fallout of the pandemic. We were blown away by the community response. Thanks to you, we’re not only surviving, we’re thriving, and we’re more focused than ever on publishing and amplifying stories by writers from all over the world, including our hometown. Next year we’re publishing an incredible 22 books by writers from Oaxaca to Wales to the Democratic Republic of Congo to (of course) Dallas. We’ll be organizing events to celebrate these writers, to raise awareness about accessibility issues in the literary arts, and to support writers across Texas. We can’t wait!

But we need your help. If you’d like to help amplify these voices, you can make a donation to Deep Vellum here for North Texas Giving Day anytime between September 1 and September 17. Your donations will go directly to our regular operating expenses (not toward Covid relief), like author advances, translator payments, event costs, and staff salaries and benefits. This year, we’re also excited to announce that Charles Dee Mitchell, a dedicated supporter of Deep Vellum, will match your donations. So, for every dollar you give, Deep Vellum will receive $2 in order to support our upcoming programming.

That’s not all, though. We want to show you all the amazing work your donation will help support. From today through September 17, we’ll be publishing tiny previews of our upcoming books on our website; check back for new micro-excerpts each Wednesday. But wait, there’s more! Join us for an AMA with our founder and executive director Will Evans to ask Will anything you’ve ever wanted to know about Deep Vellum and the DV team (details to come; check our Events calendar and social media)!

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