Eduardo Rabasa

Eduardo-Rabasa PP (2014)Eduardo Rabasa (b. 1978) is the founding editorial director of Sexto Piso, Mexico’s most prominent independent publishing house and winner of the 2004 International Young Publisher of the Year Award. He studied political science at Mexico’s National University (UNAM), where he graduated with a thesis on the concept of power in the works of George Orwell. He writes a weekly column for the national newspaper Milenio, and has translated books by authors including Morris Berman, George Orwell, and Somerset Maugham. A Zero-Sum Game is Rabasa’s debut novel, and was originally published in Mexico by Sur+. He was named one of the top 20 Mexican writers under the age of 40 by Hay Festival, the British Council, and Conaculta as part of their Mexico20 project. He currently resides in Mexico City.


Now Available from Deep Vellum Publishing:

zero_sum_game_cover_rgb_09132016A hilarious satire and universal exploration of the origins of power and corruption. A Zero-Sum Game uses the highly-charged election for the presidency of a residents’ committee and the influence of a powerful stranger to both expose those in power and to sympathize with individuals who find themselves caught in the paradox of empowerment and impotence that is modern consumer society and the democratic state.

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