Kim Yideum

Kim Yideum is one of the most exciting voices in contemporary South Korean poetry. She has published five books of poetry in Korean—A Stain in the Shape of a Star (2005), Cheer up, Femme Fatale (2007), The Unspeakable Lover (2011), Song of BerlinDahlem (2013), and Hysteria (2014)—as well as the novel Blood Sisters (2011). She has received numerous awards for her poetry, including the Poetry & the World Literary Award (2010), the Kim Daljin Changwon Award (2011), the 22nd Century Literary Award (2015) and the Kim Chunsoo Award (2015). Yideum read at the Stockholm International Poetry Festival in 2014 and Biennale Internationale des Poètes en Val-de-Marne in 2015. She was a writer-in-residence at the Free University of Berlin through Arts Council Korea, and is currently at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, where she is working on a book of interviews about homelessness in Paris.



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Blood Sisters

A woman in 1980s Korea struggles to understand her identity and live an authentic life in the face of injustice.

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