Noemi Jaffe

Noemi Jaffe is an award-winning Brazilian writer whose literary career has exploded in the last five years, gaining critical acclaim and momentum worldwide, with her works being translated into nearly a dozen languages. After working as a teacher of Brazilian Literature for more than 20 years and concluding her academic career with a PhD on the poetry of Antonio Cicero, Noemi Jaffe published a poetry volume, her first publication, in 2005 at the age of 43. At that time, she was already working as a literary reviewer for the cultural supplement of daily Folha de S.Paulo and had published some books on literary theory. From then on, she started dedicating herself more and more to literature, working across several genres, including novels, short stories, essays, and creative nonfiction. Presently, Noemi Jaffe also contributes with a monthly column for the newspaper Valor Econômico and for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. She teaches a regular course on Creative Writing at Casa do Saber. She lives in São Paulo, Brazil.


Now Available from Deep Vellum Publishing

In this remarkable multi-generic book, the individual voices of three generations of women—mother, in the diary she wrote after liberation from Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen; daughter, considering the power of memory and survival; and granddaughter, reflecting on what it means to be the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor—combine in an unparalleled use of literature as a means to bear witness.

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