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Travel through time and space to explore our world’s history through these gorgeous, wildly different novels, moving from a little-known battle on the US-Mexico border in the 1800s to the intertwined lives of three women in Peru during the height of the Shining Path insurgency.

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Texas: The Great Theft, by Carmen Boullosa (tr. by Samantha Schnee)

Home, by Leila S. Chudori (tr. by John H. McGlynn)
eBook: 9781941920114

One Hundred Twenty-One Days, by Michèle Audin (tr. by Christiana Hills)
eBook: 9781941920237

Blood of the Dawn, by Claudia Salazar (tr. by Elizabeth Bryer)
eBook: 9781941920435

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Texas: The Great Theft

1859: Matasánchez and Bruneville. Two cities divided by the Río Bravo – or the Rio Grande, depending on which side you’re on – filled with a volatile mix of characters… tensions are running high, and it all boils over one hot summer day…


Recipient of the 2012 Khatulistiwa Literary Award, Indonesia’s most prestigious literary prize, Home is a breathtaking, epic historical novel exploring the lives of Indonesian exiles from the 1965 anti-Communist massacre to the overthrow of Suharto in 1998.

One Hundred Twenty-One Days

Debut novel by mathematician Oulipo member layers coded narratives across World Wars unlocking the entangled history of politics and science.

Blood of the Dawn

An award-winning debut novel of politics, desire and pain by Peruvian author Claudia Salazar Jiménez. The lives of three women intertwine and are ripped apart during what’s known as “the time of fear” in Peruvian history, when the Shining Path rebel insurgency was at its peak.

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