Greetings from the Future


By Tatiana Ryckman and Emily Suzanne Roberts

An original, fully-illustrated, limited-run chapbook comprised of 14 individual postcards, with original collages by Roberts alongside lyrical, mythic, speculative text by Ryckman.

Publication Date: February 25, 2020



Welcome to The Future! We hope you enjoy your stay.

“Ours is not the only painful planet. Be neighborly.
Be responsible to those within you and without
you. Find the sweetgrass in the lustful distance. Do
you know its name? Do you trust it with your life?
Will you recognize it when it comes for you? Do
you have faith in the small miracle of legs? Do they
carry you where you need to go? Are they weary?
Do you need a moment to rest?”

Copyright (c) 2020
by Tatiana Ryckman and Emily Suzanne Roberts